New van shown Gerri’s furniture so you can the lady new house

express (kuhn VAY) vt. 1. to take in one destination to some other; transport; dos. to behave since the a channel otherwise medium having; step 3. while making known; cuatro. in order to transfer (property) in one individual other • • • •

Kaj questioned Al to grant his condolences so you can Cindy. Lisa indicated the woman displeasure so you can Michael that have a beneficial scowl. The fresh new deed indicated label with the lot regarding Sally in order to Harry. [-ed, -ing, -able adj.] [Syn. carry]

conviction* (kuhn VIK shin) letter. 1. the fresh discovering that you’re responsible for a crime; 2. the looks or fact of being pretty sure; step three. a robust faith • The newest criminal’s conviction is to possess shoplifting. • Jill advised with belief from the lady and you will Jack’s tumble towards slope. • New s getting metropolitan revival having belief. [Syn. confidence, opinion]

coop* (KOOP) letter. step 1. a small crate, pen, otherwise strengthening having remaining poultry; 2. anywhere regarding confinement; (slang) a jail -vt. to confine such as good coop (always which have up) -vi. (slang) to sleep hands on; (slang) to acquire away, as the out-of a prison (like in travel this new coop) • • • •

A few of the chickens has actually obtained out of the coop. Since she are grounded, Olivia decided she was in an effective coop. [-ed, -ing]

corroborate* (kur AHB ir AYT) vt. to back up the fresh new correctness from; to ensure; to support; to strengthen • Willa substantiated Kim’s area during the time in question. • A moment pro have a tendency to validate the authenticity of your Picasso lithograph. [-d, corroborating, corroborative adj., corroboratory adj.] [Syn. confirm]

cosmopolitan (KAHZ muh PAH li tn) adj. 1. member out-of an extensive part of the community; maybe not local or provincial; dos. maybe not limited by local models, likes, or detests; 3. embodying worldly grace; fashionable; urbane • Max’s globe travels features given him a modern attitude. • A taste for Maryland crab cakes has already established a modern effect, drawing orders from all over the world to help you packers to your Chesapeake Bay. • The common Western european resource area dweller can keeps a beneficial much more cosmopolitan view of some thing than just their particular compatriot character. chair (KOWCH) vt. step 1. to lessen otherwise reduce, particularly to reduce (a good spear, lance, an such like.) in order to attack standing; dos. to set up certain or specific conditions or sentences; express • The brand new knight couched their lance when he willing to enter the listings and you may join the joust. (There was a phrase you will use daily!) • The new general’s caution is couched during the barely veiled threats. • The poet’s images was basically couched within the floral code. [-ed, -ing]

Evening watchmen must strike day clocks occasionally so that the executives discover they haven’t been cooping

fake (KOWN toer fit) adj. step one. replica of something real so you can ; feigned -letter. a duplicate made to on purpose hack; forgery; -vt. 1. and also make an imitation away from (currency, images, etc.) always to help you deceive otherwise defraud; 2. to help you pretend; feign • The new fake Van Gogh you bought past having $40 is really well written but not really unusual. • Counterfeit profit circulation is a risk to everyone about country- such as the counterfeiter. • That fake was created to p. (Simply trying to place particular light in it.) • It is not a good idea to counterfeit You.S. money. • You to counterfeit many people are accustomed was alligator tears, lead when someone pretends so you’re able to cry. [-ed, -ing, counterfeiter letter.] [Syn. false how to find a hookup Billings, artificial]

Hold the pets cooped up in your area so that they aren’t getting with the mischief

courage (KUR ij) letter. the latest thoughts out-of dealing with things acknowledged as difficult, boring, otherwise unsafe, unlike running or covering up of it; the grade of bravery; fearlessness; valor • Getting the bravery of one’s convictions function are fearless adequate to carry out just what one thinks ‘s the proper thing. • When faced with a prospective assault from the vicious cat, Willis the latest Pug presented great bravery. [-ous adj., -ously adv., -ousness n.]

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