Total, Karen and you can Squidward keeps a basic dating

Patrick Star

Karen and you may Patrick essentially don’t come together. But not, Patrick cannot appear to know that Karen is worst. He attempts to let Plankton build Karen happier regarding attacks “Bucket Sweet Bucket” and you will “Single cell Wedding,” exhibiting which he will not hate the woman.

Karen refers to Patrick due to the fact SpongeBob’s “green pal” in the 1st motion picture. On the book SpongeBob DetectivePants: Happening of your Shed Spatula, Patrick calls Karen “Talking Container,” exhibiting which he will not know that she’s a pc.

Squidward Tentacles

Squidward cannot proper care definitely regarding the Karen or Plankton. That difference ‘s the SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, where Squidward are attacked by the Plankton’s slaves immediately following Karen activates their helmet brain-manage equipment. Several other are “Bucket Nice Bucket,” in which Squidward stimulates a desktop computer toward remodeled Krusty Krab out of Karen. A third is actually “Chum Fricassee,” in which Squidward teams with Plankton and you will Karen to start their cafe. Karen performs given that a waiter.

Eugene H. Krabs

Mr. Krabs and you will Karen barely work together even with becoming opposition, yet not Mr. Krabs did hire the lady since the a good cashier when you look at the “Karen dos.0.”

From inside the “Most useful Frenemies,” Karen tries to give Mr. Krabs and Plankton exactly what the Kelp Shakes are made from. Sadly, they don’t really pay attention to the girl and you will find yourself drinking the fresh new shakes, which causes these to be hairy monsters.

In the “Mermaid Man versus. SpongeBob,” Karen requires Mr. Krabs for a few Kiddie Meal playthings provide so you can Plankton. When she provides a dessert to help you Plankton, the guy asks her, “What exactly is one? A souvenir from the sweetheart Krabs. “

Into the “Frozen Face-Of,” Karen and you can Mr. Krabs come together to exist shortly after each other nearly freeze so you’re able to passing, simply to getting conserved from the SpongeBob and his awesome nearest and dearest.

Within the “Karen dos.0,” Plankton yields an alternative Karen in which he kicks the lady aside. Mr. Krabs and you can SpongeBob look for the girl on the suppress or take this lady with the Krusty Krab. When she sneakers right up, she tells both from the her fears. Instantly, Mr. Krabs sympathizes with her and supply the woman work. When Karen 2 and you will Plankton show up to bargain the brand new algorithm, Karen and you can Karen 2 start fighting and you will Mr. Krabs requires the chance to have users place wagers for the just who will profit.

From inside the “Lame and you can Chance,” Mr. Krabs considers what his funeral service create seem like. It’s shown that Karen do sit-in next to Pearl and his awesome most other family unit members, implying you to definitely she does quite love your.

Exotic Face

Unlike the woman almost every other relationship, Karen’s relationship with Sandy is a strictly self-confident one to. Both are peak-went and you can smart letters which have a fancy for inventions, which is why he’s got had friendly relationships on collection.

In the “Suspended Face-Of,” Sandy along with her family relations save yourself Karen of being suspended. Later, Exotic uses Karen’s human body to keep Squidward, who has been frozen in the an effective take off away from ice.

Inside “Salsa Imbecilicus,” Karen and Exotic certainly are the only residents from Swimsuit Bottom who just weren’t became idiots from the vapor out of Plankton’s sauce. They work together with her to produce an excellent college or university, and that at some point efficiency every person on their regular intelligence. That it occurrence shows that Karen understands in which Exotic lifestyle and therefore this lady residence is titled a great treedome, implying one she’s went to Exotic.

Within the “Girls’ Night out,” the 2 and Mrs. Smoke spend a date, therefore the around three refer to both given that “Girl Pals” in the occurrence.

Gary the fresh new Snail

Karen does not mind Gary. Karen try neutral in the Plankton’s propose to impersonate Gary during the “Shellback Shenanigans.” At the conclusion of “Suspended Face-Away from,” Karen lets Gary sit on top from the lady. Gary remains at the top of Karen up to Plankton tries to fry her or him within the good vat of boiling petroleum.

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